Invest with Us

When you invest in syndicated real estate with Maruti Builders, you share in the ownership benefits of the investment property without the hassle of managing tenants, paying insurances, arranging or performing upkeep or the many other responsibilities that accompany sole ownership. Our investments are primarily in multi-family homes.

Real estate syndication offers an opportunity for truly passive real estate investment – once you’ve invested your capital, Maruti Builders does the rest. Our investors earn a share of cash flow and a portion of profits from the eventual sale of the property, based on their initial investment.

We organize real estate syndications with private investors only for properties which meet our strict investment criteria. Our syndicated investments typically include existing turnkey properties, value add properties, adaptive reuse properties or development projects.

Investing in syndicated real estate with Maruti Builders offers many benefits, such as:

  • Predictable cash flow from rental income, profits, and the property’s eventual liquidation.
  • Tax benefits that take advantage of the property’s depreciation caused by lower demand, deflation, age of the property or other factors.
  • Protection from inflation – real estate typically increases with inflation, but cash does not.

If you need help getting a loan for a multifamily real estate purchase, we’ll consider sponsoring your deal and provide the net worth you need to get approved for financing.

If you are sourcing multifamily deals but do not have the means or experience to close a deal on your own, you can partner with Maruti Builders to supplement your efforts. We provide the experience and capability to ensure a smooth acquisition, operation, and disposition plan. You can participate at whatever level you choose, and your GP stake is based entirely on how much work you want to do.

Ready to partner with us in real estate syndication?